Norplant is a contraceptive that is implanted into the upper arm of a woman and usually can remain active for up to five years. It is one of the recently developed forms of contraception that has become available to give an option to women who find other forms of contraception unsuitable either because of their health conditions or other negative circumstances. Many contraceptives are associated with diverse side effects which include irregular menstrual cycle or too much bleeding but they have varying degrees of negative effects. Most women may not want Pills due to the associated unwanted pregnancies, although some of these pregnancies could be as a result of missed pills during the 28-day cycle. 

How Does Norplant work?

Norplant releases small amounts of progestin hormone into the bloodstream that causes the body not to ovulate. It also causes the cervix to produce a thick mucus to prevent sperms from reaching the egg. All these processes are artificially initiated and may cause your body to develop a separate internal clock system that functions differently from the normal way. This can be harmful if you don’t have your body put under observation by a qualified medic. By carrying out periodical checks of the performance of your important organs, you are likely to identify medical problems early enough to get the necessary assistance. 

Is Norplant Harmful To Your Health?

Each person has a unique circumstance as determined by how the body fluids work together to perform the main body functions. Some women may find their bodies respond well to one type of contraception while others may need to be observed for a while under some contraceptives to rule out any danger to body stability. For instance, Norplant can cause nervousness in some women or worse still, dizziness. If the patient has another underlying condition such as heart problem, it can result in a serious health problem. 

You should consult with your gynaecologist for the correct method suitable for you depending on your medical history as well as your allergic status to some medicine. Norplant is also known to cause weight gain to many users. The hormonal changes in a woman’s menstrual cycle cause a woman to lose interest in sex. For a sexually active family, it can increase tension. Worse still, when the body’s function change due to an induced hormone, it will find it hard to revert to the normal state. You should weigh the risks against the advantages before making a decision.

How Effective Is Norplant?

Norplant is known to be effective by over 99% of those who use the contraceptive. Only 1% of pregnancies can be attributed to the failure of Norplant. Apart from the sides, it is one of the most effective contraceptives available in the market. Many who use it are satisfied with the results according to public records. Besides being easy to use, it is suitable for women who cannot remember to take their pills in time. It is good to understand your body before deciding on the right contraceptive. By so doing you are likely to make an informed decision.


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