There are many events which occur around your life, both internal and external, but how you perceive them is crucial in controlling mental stress or averting it all together. As human beings, you are not likely to see the same in everything with each other. Differences are bound to be there but you must develop a positive way of responding to stress factors. Differences with your spouse, workmates or relatives are bound to happen and may contribute in a great way to mental stress. Mental stress, if not controlled, may lead to depression, anxiety and other mental problems.

Stress exists to a certain degree with every individual. For you to strive and achieve your goals, you have to be driven by a certain degree of stress. But when it becomes too unbearable, then it is no longer healthy and there may be a need to control it. The following will help you reduce your stress and manage it effectively:

Keep a positive attitude at all times 

Did you know that your attitude is like a churning machine when it comes to stress? Your attitude can quickly churn a small matter into an enormous confrontation that will attract the whole village to bring it under control. Try to keep your attitude positive about others. Make it your principle to always think of others as humans and are weak in certain areas which need your help and not criticism or open reprimand. As a human, you should know that you complement each other. Don’t dwell on other’s weak points.

You can’t control every event in life

Another weak area in people is the inability to accept things that are beyond their control. For example, a school girl decides to get married to a drunkard with the hope that she will change him. That is like training a tortoise how to fly! It will never fly! The more you try to change him, the more you get hurt with his not willing to change. In such a situation, it is better to accept things as they are and try to fit in with the conditions. If you don’t, you will end up getting stressed up and end in a mental institution.

Be assertive and avoid being Aggressive

Uncontrolled anger can fuel stress in your life. You will realize that every deed or statement makes you angry almost with certainty. But those who are aggressive take full control of their thoughts and are not deterred by negative sentiments.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is a good recipe for controlling stress. Taking that jog for one hour daily is a healthy way of reducing mental stress. 

Eat Healthy well-balanced meals

All said and done, if you don’t eat healthily, you will have weak immunity. Mental stress can cause some many ailments. If you have poor immunity, your health may deteriorate very quickly. It is good therefore to eat a well-balanced diet to keep your body healthy and strong against attack from germs.

If you practice all these and try to keep away from stress factors, you will, of course, lower the degree of stress in your life to manageable limits. 


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