Understanding The Lanes

While driving from a three-lane minor into the roundabout, you should take notice of the lanes. Lane one is at the extreme outside and lane three borders the central lane dividing the two opposite roads. A model roundabout consists of basic minor road and a 4 lane one-way traffic road. Suppose there is one minor road with three lanes joining the roundabout and exiting on the other side, and a 4 lane one-way road also with an exit section, how can vehicles from the minor road drive through the roundabout?

The basic three-lane minor road consists of lane one to three with different options to drive through the roundabout. Lane one which is on the outside has two options. The first one is drive straight into lane one and joins the exit lane one on the opposite direction. Option two is turn left to join the four-way road. Lane two has only one option which is to drive straight in front into lane two of the roundabout and join lane two of the minor road in the opposite direction.

Lane three of the minor road has five options to negotiate after joining the roundabout. The first one is drive straight into the roundabout, negotiate through lane three to join lane three of the opposite minor road. Option 2 turns right to lane three of the four-lane road. Option three to five join lane four of the roundabout and then turn right to lane four of the major road, make a u-turn back to lane three of the minor road or make a complete turn to join the major road to the left. You can see that option three options require you to join lane four in the Roundabout before turning left, making a u-turn or turning right.

Driving From The Major Road Into The Roundabout:

A major road has four lanes in the same direction. Starting from the outer lane which is lane one, each of those lanes has the same options of joining the roundabout except lane four and three which deviate from the standard three-lane model. Lane one, as usual, has two options which are straight ahead or turn left. Lane two turns into lane two on the opposite side of the roundabout. Lane three has two options which lead straight ahead or turns right to join lane two of the minor road. Lane four has four options when it comes to driving through the town model roundabout.

All the options use lane 4 of the roundabout and must drive around the roundabout before turning into any exit road. Option one drives right into lane three of the exit minor road to the right. The second vehicle takes the roundabout, makes a U-Turn to lane four of the major road. The third vehicle takes a complete turn to join the left minor road at lane 3 and the final one takes a complete to turn to join the major road at lane 4 in the opposite direction.

Mastering these directional Town model board driving theory is crucial in understanding how it works on the actual road.


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