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Forums have become a common occurrence nowadays and useful too in several ways. It used to be thought of as lowly but now have gained more popularity as students especially join them to explore their learning materials. College students have discovered that forums are extremely helpful in acquiring a more meaningful grip on educational content. Research shows that students who are exposed to conditions such as forums get a better understanding of their courses than their counterparts who are home-based. Homebased students lack several things which are useful for a better understanding of the course content. After this article, you should be able to decide whether to study from home or join other students in hostels where you will have the opportunity to join different forums.

If you not lucky enough to stay at the hostel with other students, don’t worry anymore. Jades have created an educational forum that connects students of various calibre and who pursue different disciplines in various universities. The main focus is to bring together college students in a forum that provide in-depth collaboration between students. Forums are known to help students react to various contents positively which in turn spurs interest in the course. They can teach each through the discussion while trying to express what they understand of the subject.

When they get ant assignment such as essay question, they can debate the question in detail, making it easy to grasp the question theme. Students who hang aloof never make good grades due to poor exposure. They also tend to be emotionally weak since they are not exposed to challenges. By sharing college challenges, students grow emotionally and are readied to deal with any emerging problem. The better part is, they learn by stating facts and their understanding, comparing ideas which enrich their capacity. Forums are suitable for learning new skills and ideas and improves communication. Better still, you learn to engage more which prepares you for later engagements at work.

Jades writers saw the need to bridge the gap between students who may not be lucky to join college forums since they commute from home. We are doing everything within our powers to make it as rich and useful as possible.


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We are a community dedicated to the social, economic and Intellectual growth of our members. We believe in Inclusivity and equitability for all. 

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