Health has become an important part of life, especially nowadays when there are many diseases affecting people everywhere. An informed society will want to invest more in health to improve other sectors and life in general. Health education is needed in improving the health status of individuals, families, communities, states and nations. It enhances the quality of life for all people, reduces premature deaths and reduces costs by promoting prevention more than treatment. 

Understanding your health is important because it helps note those unique characteristics that  send alarm whenever something is wrong. When employers, insurance companies, medical facilities and stakeholders participate in public educational forums to learn about health and all the underlying challenges, there is the likelihood to be more prepared to face the challenges. The main purpose is to influence  health behaviour to communities and individuals as well as working conditions that will influence and improve health.

Community health is important in empowering a community, state, and a nation towards better economic performance since a healthy nation is more productive than a disease-prone one. Some health conditions can affect productivity and reduce economic performance. Worse still, an unhealthy society often lacks the zeal to perform or explore ways of improving life. Therefore, health is an important factor in changing the lives of people. This site will continue to bring you rich, more informative health news that keeps you updated with the latest events and inventions. 

Breast Cancer

What do you know about Breast cancer? You should explore more to avoid or prevent cancer altogether by keeping abreast with latest news on cancer, early detection and how to treat it if detected in time. You can get more information from our health blog. You will find rich, inforamtive news on all health topics, be empowered with family health information and a range of important subjects to keep you abreast with health topics. 


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