Content Marketing Services


Jades Marketing Agency understands why Content Marketing is simply not posting great content. There is more than just churning out content. That is why we have devided our content marketing services into three phases.

Every content is unique according to the objective outlined out, but we are professional in executing any promotional campaign for any type of content!

Content Marketing Strategic Services

For a successful Content Marketing, you must develop a well-thought out plan bsased on the industry and your competitors, Market and your audience. Jades Marketing Agency will work with you to understand your company, brand, products and the unique alue proposition. Our first priority is understand the client's online business needs to be able to define and develop content marketing strategy.From the information we gather from you, we will be able to develop a marketing strategy based on promotion of informational and promotional content. Jades understands that B2,B2C and other business require both variants of promoting their content. Our Focus will be on what works best!

{Informational Content - Focuses on providing educative information to your audience}

{Promotional Content - promotes your company, brand and your products to achieve PC( Compelling Purchase }

Content Development Services

Several companies grapple with content marketing due to a lack of relevant expertise in digital marketing. Others lack the time or resources to help execute a sound marketing strategy. Content marketing can prove to be expensive besides being too technical. Jades has rolled out flexible strategic content development services to fit with your needs. We will work hand in hand to develop a strong messaging strategy that is integrated with every content on your site. 

Our Strategy will include the following:

>Working with your PR Teams to develop an industry plan

>Blog Writing 

>Promoting content through social media

> Much More!


Jades understands that crafting great content that no one can find is a waste of resources. Promotion is as important to your business as content is. We have in place promotional strategies that publish your content right in the eyes of your audience. Visibility and quality content is iur motto. We will take your content and by the use of unique tools, distribute it accross of mediums to reach target audience. 

>We will participate in active promotion of content to all your company social channels, to increase social engagements, visitors and conversions

> Pollinating your content to various channels to reach even more audience

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