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Why Factor Analysis Has Become So Important In Data Science

Factor analysis is a tool used to group similar variables dimensions to help identify latent variables and constructs. Equally, the factor probe helps reduce individual items to fewer numbers of dimensions. This is done to simplify data so that data scrutiny can be performed more easily by using rotational methods to ensure uncorrelation of factors. It is also used to construction scales in data grouping. When used in such applications, units that make up each dimension are specified beforehand. The method is often used in structural equation modelling known as confirmatory factor analysis.

For instance, the confirmatory factor can be applied where a researcher is trying to authenticate the constituent structure of the big five personality traits by using the Big Five Inventory. Whenever you want to construct indices to measure price performances, you can use this tool to accurately derive authentic units. The successful way to construct indexes is by adding together all units in that index. Bearing in mind that some variables making up the index may have more significant explanatory power than the others. Whenever you want to reduce the number of questions in a questionnaire, factor analysis comes in handy to help actualize it. Researchers deploy this tool to cut down on unnecessary load in the mode of questioning as well as increase authenticity and clarity in the questionnaire.

There is no better way to identify and drop questions that may not add value to a questionnaire than the use of factor probe. It is the most appropriate tool to use if you want to shorten the questionnaire. Remember, it is built on the concept of reducing items to manageable dimensions. Data needs to be simplified to ease scrutiny of related units and make indexing much simpler. There are various methods by which factor scrutiny can be used. You can use the tool to perform principal component analysis in research. The principal component analysis is a common methodology used by researchers. It is based on extracting the maximum variance and depositing them in the first factor.

Immediately it separates the variance explained by the first factors, then it begins to extract the variance for the second factor. The process continues to the last factor in the queue. It is a reduction method used in reducing data sets in a large collection of data. Ther is another method commonly used known as common factor analysis. This one builds on extracting the common variances and grouping them into factorial sets. The method used in SEM doesn’t include variables’ unique variances in its processing. Specialized in common factors, it works by allocating values to recurrent items in data sets.

Another commonly used procedure is the image factoring which is based on matrix correlation. Here, OLS regression does the work of predicting factors in image factoring. This is a factor extraction by image theory used specifically to define the partial image part as linear regression. It was developed by Guttman and is not in any way hypothetical. Maximum likelihood method also works by matrix but deploys maximum likelihood procedure to analyze data sets. When you want to correlate the coefficient for the variable and the factor, you can apply factor loading. The constituents load to show variances explained by the factors involved.

Eigenvalues, known as characteristic values, indicate the units explained by the total variation. This helps understand how much is explained by each variation from the total details provided. Factor score uses raws and columns often used as indices and helps further investigation of related items. It uses a common score to search related values and groups them to arrive at an acceptable explanation. According to Kaiser, Eigenvalues is the most appropriate criteria for determining data sets in a structure. When eigenvalue is greater more than one, it is considered a factor, otherwise if less, it isn’t given any value.

Therefore, this procedure with all its subsets is useful in cutting down the information contained in a resulting output. Considering how important it is for any piece of information to be accurate and concise, this tool is exceptional. Researchers who use any of its components can attest to its success. It has sound logic and an easy grouping of its units to help achieve the main objective. The system offers a quick fix for users who understand how to use its main functionalities to render accurate results.

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Driving Into The Roundabout https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/2021/02/09/driving-into-the-roundabout/ https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/2021/02/09/driving-into-the-roundabout/#respond Tue, 09 Feb 2021 21:52:45 +0000 https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/?p=422

Understanding The Lanes

While driving from a three-lane minor into the roundabout, you should take notice of the lanes. Lane one is at the extreme outside and lane three borders the central lane dividing the two opposite roads. A model roundabout consists of basic minor road and a 4 lane one-way traffic road. Suppose there is one minor road with three lanes joining the roundabout and exiting on the other side, and a 4 lane one-way road also with an exit section, how can vehicles from the minor road drive through the roundabout?

The basic three-lane minor road consists of lane one to three with different options to drive through the roundabout. Lane one which is on the outside has two options. The first one is drive straight into lane one and joins the exit lane one on the opposite direction. Option two is turn left to join the four-way road. Lane two has only one option which is to drive straight in front into lane two of the roundabout and join lane two of the minor road in the opposite direction.

Lane three of the minor road has five options to negotiate after joining the roundabout. The first one is drive straight into the roundabout, negotiate through lane three to join lane three of the opposite minor road. Option 2 turns right to lane three of the four-lane road. Option three to five join lane four of the roundabout and then turn right to lane four of the major road, make a u-turn back to lane three of the minor road or make a complete turn to join the major road to the left. You can see that option three options require you to join lane four in the Roundabout before turning left, making a u-turn or turning right.

Driving From The Major Road Into The Roundabout:

A major road has four lanes in the same direction. Starting from the outer lane which is lane one, each of those lanes has the same options of joining the roundabout except lane four and three which deviate from the standard three-lane model. Lane one, as usual, has two options which are straight ahead or turn left. Lane two turns into lane two on the opposite side of the roundabout. Lane three has two options which lead straight ahead or turns right to join lane two of the minor road. Lane four has four options when it comes to driving through the town model roundabout.

All the options use lane 4 of the roundabout and must drive around the roundabout before turning into any exit road. Option one drives right into lane three of the exit minor road to the right. The second vehicle takes the roundabout, makes a U-Turn to lane four of the major road. The third vehicle takes a complete turn to join the left minor road at lane 3 and the final one takes a complete to turn to join the major road at lane 4 in the opposite direction.

Mastering these directional Town model board driving theory is crucial in understanding how it works on the actual road.

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The 7Cs Of Communication https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/2021/02/09/the-7cs-of-communication/ https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/2021/02/09/the-7cs-of-communication/#respond Tue, 09 Feb 2021 21:12:26 +0000 https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/?p=347

The 7Cs Of Communication

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Communication plays an important role in both social and professional life. Whereas family members and friends may informally engage with each other, business communication is more official and will require you to be more tactful. Most jobs require effective communication in the course of discharging official duties. Professionals must be conversant with emailing, conference calls, writing reports and preparing presentations for office meetings or any other important event. Good communication must convey a clear message concisely. Therefore, if you want to make your communication more effective, you should master the seven techniques of communication. This analysis attempts to review these techniques to bring insight into how they can improve your communication.


Have you ever read a piece that contains so many rambling words? Glue words connect ideas to deliver coherent sentences but can ruin the flow and disengage your readers or hearers. For instance, consider the following sentences:
“It doesn’t matter what kind of tea I buy, where it is from, or what grade it is; all I need is cream because I don’t like the bitterness it causes me.”
Such a sprawling sentence can be very boring and may disengage the reader from reading the rest of the paragraph. He will have to infer what you mean which is unnecessary. What if you removed all those glue words and rewrote the sentence as below:
“I add cream to my tea because the bitter taste makes me feel unwell”.

Even though the primary idea is in both sentences, the second sentence is short but more precise. A reader or hearer will find it easier to follow your speech if you are precise and to the point.


Conciseness builds on the same technique as clarity. The bottom line is to avoid long-winded sentences because people don’t have the time to read through emails or reports that contain too many redundant words. Consider the following sentence;
Incorrect: “For what is its worth, I thought the match was terrific”
Correct: “I thought the match was terrific”
You should not use tautologies or long repetitive phrases because they may make you look unprofessional. The impression you create will affect your working relationship with others, so communicate clearly and concisely to help cement it. Do not use tautologies such as:
Incorrect: “I will personally make myself available for the meeting tomorrow”
Correct: “I will attend the meeting tomorrow”


A good communicator can present a complete idea in a few words that do not leave your audience with questions. A complete sentence should answer all the relevant questions without any need for further clarification. It should contain the subject, the action part and the purpose, metaphrased to convey the whole idea.


All formal communications should be consistent with the policies, programs, plans and objectives of the organization and must not conflict. Implementing any policy or report that seems to conflict with any existing regulation can cause a serious lapse and confuse the staff. Service delivery can be slowed down by inconsistent information among workers.


Your attitude can make or break you. You should be able to control your emotions by keeping your relationship with your colleagues professional. Courtesy involves showing respect to others in the workplace. Building a strong relationship in the workplace can create a conducive environment and increase productivity.


You must not allow poor formatting and grammatical errors to portray you in a bad light. Remember, you are representing an organization, so whatever you do, you must leave a positive impact on your audience with a strong command of the policies and facts related to the workplace. You must present those facts vividly and be able to convince clients to sign contracts with your company in your capacity as Manager.


Depending on who the receiver is, you should be able to choose the right medium with which to communicate your message. Certain conditions call for certain mediums. For instance, you may be required to send an email or write a report. You must be` conversant with emailing to send a complete and formal email.

Therefore, effective communication cannot be achieved without mastering these seven techniques. Understanding them can help improve how you communicate and may help you build a strong working relationship with both clients and workmates.

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Learn To Drive: The Theory Training Town Model Board https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/2021/02/09/motoring-driving-the-theory-town-model-board/ https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/2021/02/09/motoring-driving-the-theory-town-model-board/#respond Tue, 09 Feb 2021 20:51:37 +0000 https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/?p=321

The Theory Training Model Board

Theory training model board is one of the most important tools, besides the special Learner Car and Road Sign Charts that are commonly used by driving schools to train new students to master the road. It is also used by examiners during a theory test to determine those who will proceed with the practical test on the actual road. Mastering this training is essential in preparing you for the next level of your training. The board consists of the following:
>The surface is marked with the representation one-way or Two-way roads
>These roads have single lanes for the one-way roads while others can have up to 6 lanes especially the dual carriageway.
>They are connected by a series of junctions and multi-lane roundabouts
>The roads are marked with broken or solid lines which have a special purpose. Some are white while others are yellow.
>There is the angled parking which is complemented with the flush parking lot.
>There is the pedestrian crossing lines or zebra crossing rounded out to help pedestrians cross a busy road while vehicles give way.
>This board has the Important signs which are “STOP!” and
‘Give way’.
>This board cannot be complete without the training objects that represent cars. They may be toys at home but here at the training school they quite important because students use them to explore the board roads.

What is a two-way Traffic?

Is a road with two lanes divided by the central line and which are in opposite directions. They are usually found where there is less traffic like estates and suburb areas.

What is a one-way Traffic?

A one-way road consists of a road with four or more lanes going in the same direction and another set of the same category going the opposite direction. They are often divided by the Central Reserve which also has exit points for vehicles that may opt to drive back. These exit points are marked with broken white lines which stands for “Give way” to vehicles on the one-way road to proceed until it is safe to join. You are not allowed to make a U-Turn in that Exit section because it will amount to a traffic offence.

The solid white line at Exit Sections

They are usually marked at exit sections where a driver may want to join a Two-Way road. This road mark is a “STOP!” warning sign that warns a driver to look out for the vehicles coming from the right as well as from the left before joining the road.

The broken white line at Exit Sections

Conversely, broken white lines at Exit Sections of the Central Reserve indicate to a driver that he is just about to join a One-Way road and should give way to motorists from the left. It is a give way sign for motorists who want to join a high way and drive back.

Why are some sections of the road marked with the solid line while others are broken?

The central line dividing a two-way road is marked with solid lines and broken lines at different sections. The underlying reason for this is to show motorists at which points they can overtake while on the road. Motorists can overtake at that section marked with the broken central line but cannot do so at sections marked with the solid central line. It is a traffic offence to overtake along a section marked with the solid central line.

What is A Major Road?

A major road consists of 4 or more lanes on each side of the central Reserve and the central Reserve with some sections having exit points to drive back.

What is Minor Road?

Any road that is less important to the one it is joining which can be grouped as Class B Road. They are usually marked with two central lines and can have up to three lanes on each side. Examples are the Three-Lane roads and dual carriageway.

Rules of the Roundabout

At the roundabout, a motorist must observe the following:
> No stopping at the Roundabout
>No changing lanes is allowed at the Roundabout
>No overtaking at the Roundabout
NB: The middle section of the Roundabout is known as Roundabout Island or Traffic Island.


There are two types of parking, the angled parking and the uncontrolled flush parking. In angled parking, a motorist is required to park at the farthest end from the entry point unless others have occupied the lots. In Flush parking, motorists should reverse before parking due spaces left by the already parked vehicles. In case there are no other parked vehicles, you are at liberty to drive straight into the parking lot.

Therefore, understanding the Theory Training Model Board is very essential in ensuring that a driver-trainee attains the standards that can promote him to proceed with the actual road test. If you fail at this stage you must repeat the whole until you master the model board.


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Reducing Mental Stress https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/2020/12/05/reducing-mental-stress/ https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/2020/12/05/reducing-mental-stress/#respond Sat, 05 Dec 2020 19:53:10 +0000 https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/?p=230

There are many events which occur around your life, both internal and external, but how you perceive them is crucial in controlling mental stress or averting it all together. As human beings, you are not likely to see the same in everything with each other. Differences are bound to be there but you must develop a positive way of responding to stress factors. Differences with your spouse, workmates or relatives are bound to happen and may contribute in a great way to mental stress. Mental stress, if not controlled, may lead to depression, anxiety and other mental problems.

Stress exists to a certain degree with every individual. For you to strive and achieve your goals, you have to be driven by a certain degree of stress. But when it becomes too unbearable, then it is no longer healthy and there may be a need to control it. The following will help you reduce your stress and manage it effectively:

Keep a positive attitude at all times 

Did you know that your attitude is like a churning machine when it comes to stress? Your attitude can quickly churn a small matter into an enormous confrontation that will attract the whole village to bring it under control. Try to keep your attitude positive about others. Make it your principle to always think of others as humans and are weak in certain areas which need your help and not criticism or open reprimand. As a human, you should know that you complement each other. Don’t dwell on other’s weak points.

You can’t control every event in life

Another weak area in people is the inability to accept things that are beyond their control. For example, a school girl decides to get married to a drunkard with the hope that she will change him. That is like training a tortoise how to fly! It will never fly! The more you try to change him, the more you get hurt with his not willing to change. In such a situation, it is better to accept things as they are and try to fit in with the conditions. If you don’t, you will end up getting stressed up and end in a mental institution.

Be assertive and avoid being Aggressive

Uncontrolled anger can fuel stress in your life. You will realize that every deed or statement makes you angry almost with certainty. But those who are aggressive take full control of their thoughts and are not deterred by negative sentiments.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is a good recipe for controlling stress. Taking that jog for one hour daily is a healthy way of reducing mental stress. 

Eat Healthy well-balanced meals

All said and done, if you don’t eat healthily, you will have weak immunity. Mental stress can cause some many ailments. If you have poor immunity, your health may deteriorate very quickly. It is good therefore to eat a well-balanced diet to keep your body healthy and strong against attack from germs.

If you practice all these and try to keep away from stress factors, you will, of course, lower the degree of stress in your life to manageable limits. 

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COVID-19, The Birthing Of Business Ideas? https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/2020/12/05/covid-19-the-birthing-of-business-ideas/ https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/2020/12/05/covid-19-the-birthing-of-business-ideas/#respond Sat, 05 Dec 2020 19:41:54 +0000 https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/?p=223

The curve is not flattening as was expected and deaths are now closer home than never before going by the figures being released daily by the WHO.

A counselling psychologist Becky Gitau in one of her posts wrote and I quote, “Fear and stigma of covid-19 will be the next thing that could kill us”. I agree there is lots of fear and some innocent Kenyans and their families already stigmatized.

But could we be giving too much of our thoughts into this pandemic than it deserves? If we know that covid-19 is real, it kills and also preventable, Wisdom now is, therefore, to keep social distance, sanitize and wash hands, wear a mask when in public and where it’s possible to keep at home. That’s enough better than worrying. Can we now refocus and engage our thought processes into catching up with our dreams, return to productivity in our small ways and make our lives and those of others better.

Bishop David Oyendepo in his book ‘The force of freedom’ wrote and I quote ” You can’t get more from this life than what your thought patterns presents” You had a job, now you don’t, you were jobless before covid-19 now what? You had a business but now can’t sell to anyone or you closed. You are a teacher now it’s clear you have another 5 months to January 2021 to resume. While all this can be blamed on the pandemic, coming out of it better or worse of will entirely depend on thought patterns that we will present for ourselves going forward. “As a man thinketh, so he is. Proverbs 23:7. Think COVID-19 and you are COVID-ed.

You ask me, is it possible that we can still conceive and give birth valid and sustainable business ideas this time around? My answer is a big YES. 

In the summer of 1896, 25 years old Orville Wright contacted a deadly typhoid fever that took him a month before he could sit up in bed and several weeks more before he could get out of bed. Now bedridden, his brother Wilbur who was looking after him got an intense interest in human flight. Now with Orville Wright as his captive audience, he read to him their father’s book titled: ‘A Treatise on Terrestrial and Aerial Locomotion. By the time Wilbur finished reading aloud the book to his sick brother, they had discovered their destiny. “Humans could fly”.

With an average education, no crowdfunding, and no friends in high places, all the brothers had was a dream coupled with a tenacious stick-to-it-iveness. Over and over again they failed to fly but refused to give up but learned from every failure. On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers defied gravity for twelve seconds.

To cut the long story short, in the summer of 1896, human flight was science fiction. Today, in any given day, Thousands of aeroplanes carrying millions of passengers are flying through the sky at over three hundred miles per hour, and it started with a dream well conceptualized and understood in the most difficult moments (A life-threatening typhoid fever attack) for Wright brothers.

Lately, we have innovated ventilators, Specialized ICU hospital beds are now made locally by our artisans, look at the multi-million mask business that has breathed life to our textiles technicians and tailors only a few months before were being imported. Look around and see the number of handwashing machines at the entrance of every office, banks and other institutions, our local artisans are making these not to mention the Ksh. 22,000 Garden chair/Table whose orders are hitting the roof. Just before you forget we now have a BJ 50 saloon car produced in Nyahururu, Laikipia County by our own. Isn’t this amazing?!!!! Are you not thinking of something even now?

If you are there and looking for a business idea, or have the idea but not started, want to change into another line of business or even expand what you have and are wondering how or where are business ideas made, this free lesson is for you.

1. Any unmet need in the market is a rich ground for a new service or product Idea. There has always been a huge demand for pure pishori rice in Kenya, but what people get is Pakistan rice mixed with few kilos of true pishori or with Pishori Aroma. Can you be honest enough and provide pure pishori grain to grain? If yes, you have a business.

2. Unavailable products or services in market B but are existing in market A. How do you explain a Coconut fruit selling in Meru or Nanyuki yet they grow at the coast? It’s out of a business idea they are made available.

3. Any inefficiency in the market which you think you have an idea of how to fix. This is how Telkom Kenya created a fertile ground for Safaricom to thrive. If you notice any inefficiency with a certain business, fix the inefficiency and you are in business.

4. Franchising: You are working with or know a certain strong brand that doesn’t have an idea interest in taking their business idea outside there area of operation. You can propose to be licensed to operate under the brand in an area the brand owners have no interest in starting a business. First food retailers are known for this including Ken chic, etc.

5. Listening to customers: what they want, where they want it, at what price they want or how and when they want a product or service supplied. Any of these questions is a source of a business idea. If you choose to sell what customers want: If you chose not to sell, you can transport the products where they are wanted, this is a transport/courier business idea.

6. Brainstorming sessions. Some of the laid-off people have sat in management meetings where business ideas were brainstormed. Laid off or not are you asking yourself whether similar markets could be existing elsewhere for same services/products which you can exploit and start your own business. What about those IT solutions you are employed to provide? Do you ever think others elsewhere would be needing those same too?

7. Academic papers. That business idea/Project you believed in and strongly defended in front of the panel now lying in the university library shelves could have been your destiny. Fred Smith knew this better than most of us. He submitted a paper on the idea of a global logistics company and after graduating from the University of Yale, he took his idea with him, started Federal Express in 1971 now known as FedEx. 

40 years later, the company has the world’s largest airline in terms of freight tons flown and is the world’s fourth-largest in terms of fleet size. The company has almost 300,000 employees and a sales revenue above $ 40 billion.

Let’s say you now have a business Idea. How do you test the viability of your Business Idea? You will need to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is the Market real? Ask yourself

 a) Who will be your customers? Men, women, children, neighbours, travellers, students or everyone or another business. Are the numbers of targeted group/customers making business sense?  

b) Are they in the neighbourhood or you have to take your services/products to them by opening an office or shop there? Are they in the native country or abroad? Will you be able to profitably deliver to your customers at an affordable rate?

c) At what Price do they get the product/service or are willing to pay? Do you have a justifiable reason why your customers should spend more than they do on your product?

d) Where do they want the product or service received or delivered? At home or in the office or at a supermarket near them, are you able to do exactly that profitably?

e) When do they need the supply? In the morning, evening, once daily, weekly or all the time? The best time to sell milk is either early in the morning or late in the evening for example. Do you have the discipline and the resources required to do this in time?

2. Secondly, is there competition for your products or services from other suppliers or are there, competing substitutes of your product/service and how are they likely to impact on your offer? Understand the gaps with the competition and know how to leverage your offer and compete.

3. Analyze on the attractiveness of the Industry you want to get into. If it is IT for example, how strong are the players in the area, are there entry barriers that may hinder your startup, say the size of capital or a technical skills you may not have? You can’t start a computer training classes if you are computer illiterate despite the attractiveness. You may need to hire a competent trainer adding to your startup capital. Eventually, you may sell your services at a higher cost to pay the trainer. Another important consideration is whether the industry is growing or shrinking. For example who would talk about starting a bar or an event management company now? Not a bad business but no longer, practical.

Also, some products or services are highly substituted. People interested in doing genuine bottled water have to think of the backstreet Packers selling their low-grade products at half prices.

4. Fourthly, get to understand if the industry is regulated. Are there Industry regulations that your business may be subjected to, are there compliance requirement before you start or continue? Some businesses require membership to a professional body with registration and annual fees, others are subject to regular inspection by an authority with heavy penalties for non-compliance. You need to check and understand this part very well and do the needful.

Covid-19 has provided the sharp-minded business innovators with the opportunity to explore new opportunities. You should not sleep on the golden chance. It is time to wake up and grab the opportunity.

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All You Need To Know About Prostate Gland https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/2020/12/05/all-you-need-to-know-about-prostate-gland/ https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/2020/12/05/all-you-need-to-know-about-prostate-gland/#respond Sat, 05 Dec 2020 14:25:13 +0000 https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/?p=212

The prostate gland is part of the male reproductive system located just below the bladder and above the muscle of the pelvic floor. Lying just below the bladder and above the pelvic floor, it does three main functions. It produces one part of the semen, the fluid that lubricates the male organ. The semen later forms part of the sperm on meeting with the sperm from the testicles and other fluids from seminal vesicle. This secretion forms an important part of the sperm cell functions.

Vagina usually has acidic concentrations ranging between 3.8 to 4.5 PH. Lactic acid is produced in the vagina to offer protection against harmful organisms and germs. This environment is relatively harsh for the male organ. To neutralize this acidic environment, prostate gland secretes an alkaline fluid containing 70% or more of semen into the vagina during intercourse. The vagina acts as a passageway for the egg, deposited sperm and the fertilized egg. All these occur in the vagina which means it must have a unique composition. This is why the vaginal environment has acidic concentration. Conversely, the male organ operates in an alkaline environment. That is because too much acid can burn the shaft of a male organ. To avoid that, the prostate gland releases a base fluid to help neutralize the vaginal fluid.

When ejaculation occurs, there is the likelihood of the sperm, instead of pushing outwards and into the vagina, to enter the bladder through the duct joining the two organs. To prevent it, the bladder’s sphincter muscle and prostate gland push against the urethra. In the same way, another set of muscles known as central zone muscles close the prostate ducts to prevent urine from entering into the prostate glands. As you age, the prostate gland goes through two main growth stages. The first phase starts at puberty and continues until age 25 after which phase two sets in.

The second phase continues for most of a man’s life. During the second phase, the organ may experience enlargement which may result in Benign Prostatic hyperplasia. Prostate enlargement may cause your bladder to fail to empty urine. If left untreated, you may lose your ability to empty which can be fatal. Such retention, inability to empty and urethral narrowing causes Benign Prostate Hyperplasia. The cause is not well-known bur there is a relationship with the reduction in the release of testosterone. It is important to monitor how your prostate is performing and seek medical attention whenever you suspect anything strange with your emptying process.

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Does Norplant Affect Your Sex Life? https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/2020/12/05/does-norplant-affect-your-sex-life/ https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/2020/12/05/does-norplant-affect-your-sex-life/#respond Sat, 05 Dec 2020 14:18:57 +0000 https://jadescontentmakers.co.ke/?p=206

Norplant is a contraceptive that is implanted into the upper arm of a woman and usually can remain active for up to five years. It is one of the recently developed forms of contraception that has become available to give an option to women who find other forms of contraception unsuitable either because of their health conditions or other negative circumstances. Many contraceptives are associated with diverse side effects which include irregular menstrual cycle or too much bleeding but they have varying degrees of negative effects. Most women may not want Pills due to the associated unwanted pregnancies, although some of these pregnancies could be as a result of missed pills during the 28-day cycle. 

How Does Norplant work?

Norplant releases small amounts of progestin hormone into the bloodstream that causes the body not to ovulate. It also causes the cervix to produce a thick mucus to prevent sperms from reaching the egg. All these processes are artificially initiated and may cause your body to develop a separate internal clock system that functions differently from the normal way. This can be harmful if you don’t have your body put under observation by a qualified medic. By carrying out periodical checks of the performance of your important organs, you are likely to identify medical problems early enough to get the necessary assistance. 

Is Norplant Harmful To Your Health?

Each person has a unique circumstance as determined by how the body fluids work together to perform the main body functions. Some women may find their bodies respond well to one type of contraception while others may need to be observed for a while under some contraceptives to rule out any danger to body stability. For instance, Norplant can cause nervousness in some women or worse still, dizziness. If the patient has another underlying condition such as heart problem, it can result in a serious health problem. 

You should consult with your gynaecologist for the correct method suitable for you depending on your medical history as well as your allergic status to some medicine. Norplant is also known to cause weight gain to many users. The hormonal changes in a woman’s menstrual cycle cause a woman to lose interest in sex. For a sexually active family, it can increase tension. Worse still, when the body’s function change due to an induced hormone, it will find it hard to revert to the normal state. You should weigh the risks against the advantages before making a decision.

How Effective Is Norplant?

Norplant is known to be effective by over 99% of those who use the contraceptive. Only 1% of pregnancies can be attributed to the failure of Norplant. Apart from the sides, it is one of the most effective contraceptives available in the market. Many who use it are satisfied with the results according to public records. Besides being easy to use, it is suitable for women who cannot remember to take their pills in time. It is good to understand your body before deciding on the right contraceptive. By so doing you are likely to make an informed decision.

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Norplant, a new contraceptive that has become common in the family recently, is an effective contraceptive with the annual pregnancy rate of less than 1% in five years. Apart from a few side effects such as acne, weight gain, irregular bleeding and other menstrual changes, it is one of the most effective and recommended family method. It comprises six match-stick size silicone capsules that are inserted in a woman’s upper arm through minor surgery. It will then start releasing a small amount of progestin into the bloodstream over five years. It was developed to help provide an alternative way of family planning for those who may find the already existing methods not suitable.

It is not uncommon to find certain types of contraceptives not suitable to individuals’ particular needs or life’s circumstances. This has made it important to develop a range of safe contraceptive options. The hormone works by inhibiting ovulation to cause eggs not to be produced regularly, and causes the cervical mucus to thicken, making it hard for the sperm to reach the egg. There are other ways it may perform contraceptive function though not yet proven. Some of the drawbacks of this type of family planning are its inability to protect against STDs and HIV AIDS.

For maximum protection, a condom is a better option. Other side effects may include dizziness, nervousness, depression, nausea, skin rash, ovary enlargement and in some cases, excessive growth of body or facial hair. There have also been cases of breast discharge, vaginal discharge, cervical inflammation, abdominal discomfort, muscle and skeletal pain. Although most of the side effects are only reported ones, there is no research to confirm their relationship with Norplant. There doesn’t exist a biological reason to explain the relationship between the Norplant and those reported side effects since they may be underlying signs of other medical conditions.

The only side effect that is known to persist with Norplant, is the menstrual irregularity. These bleeding irregularities are caused by continuous hormone release. Whereas oral contraceptive pills, estrogen and progestin are taken for the first three weeks and then withdrawn in the last week of the cycle, Norplant doesn’t cut off its release into the bloodstream of the hormone progestin until it is removed at the expiry of five years. That one week break with pills helps the body to continue with its normal menstrual cycle. For those who are more involved with their weight, Norplant may not be a good option since it can contribute to weight gain.

Those with weak hearts should monitor their continued use of this contraceptive because it is known to exert too much anxiety on your heart which is unhealthy. Should you notice signs such as nervousness or weight gain, it is good if you rethink your use of this hormone. Remember, it is a hormone which means it may alter how your body naturally functions. Anything that can cause your body to alter how it functions can render some of your body organs inactive which is unhealthy. Your body should be able to perform its functions without external help if you want to keep it healthy, therefore anything that alters its internal clock can aggravate a serious condition. 


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Your body wakes up to a series of activities and never rests albeit mildly until the day ends. What powers your body also producers wastes just like an ordinary machine. The fact that you go for both long and short calls to expel unwanted body wastes is an indication your body works like any ordinary machine such as a car or aeroplane. Without timely service, a machine can cause a serious accident or get damaged. Your body does many functions at any given time that may result in overworking your body organs. For instance, sitting behind a computer for long hours can result in an exhausting endurance workout.

As a result, you may develop eyes irritation, dryness, fatigue as well as blurred vision. Each body organ experiences the same fatigue due to subjection to over exhausting conditions. The only difference is in the way they respond to exhaustion. Some may develop a serious health condition. For example, subjecting the kidney to too much toxin can result in a reduction of kidney functions. Your kidney may become overwhelmed by too much toxin and develop the inability to process them. If it fails to process toxins or do so in a reduced rate, your kidney can easily fall into a lapse.

Taking good care of your body is vital in keeping your body healthy. The problem nowadays is that many people are ignorant of important information about their health. Nowadays there are numerous sites from which you can get a lot of information about health and fitness. This site is one of the major sites where you can obtain quality information since it is run by experienced and knowledgeable staff.

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